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April News Update

JCC shall not be meeting in April, so in lieu, a brief summary of current developments are listed below. 

1. Jordanhill School have cancelled all lets. At present they plan to restart in August. If there is any change, they will let JCC know. The May JCC meeting is cancelled, and it looks very unlikely that JCC shall meet in June.

2. Jordanhill Local Place Plan. The JCC ‘intention to prepare a draft plan’ letter sent in March, has been acknowledged. JCC is the first application that DRS has received! Nothing will happen for some time; additional Holyrood legislation is due early in 2021 and DRS will be publishing Guidance for Applicants later this year. JCC assume that there will be a notice sent about this; in the meantime, there is a good opportunity to start to put some flesh on the bones of the topics in the outline. JCC intend posting some information on our website/Facebook to generate some interest in the Community. 

3. Telecoms communication masts. There has been a flurry of activity regarding the siting of new, local masts/antennae for 4G/5G network communications. The agents for the exercise are not particularly good but the situation appears to be as follows (piecing together information from various sources, DRS, Carol Monaghan’s Office, CC support):

(i) There are several, local new installations planned, presumably as replacement for the College roof mast and for 5G upgrade; many of our neighbour CCs appear to be involved.

(ii) The current stage is a Pre-Application consultation, intended to determine the reaction of residents to a proposal. It appears to be less formal than the Application process itself.

(iii) JCC has two cases to consider. Mast/Antennae to be located at Ryvra Rd/Anniesland Rd. Mast/Antennae to be located on west side of Crow Rd (next to the bus stop, Three Craws, BP garage). Brief details of both are posted on the JCC website and Jordanhill Watch Facebook. Our initial response to the Ryvra Rd proposal is due next Tuesday; a response is being prepared. Comments are very welcome but please make them asap. Comments on the Crow Rd installation should be made as soon thereafter. Contact has been made with Broomhill CC about this one.

(iv) A major feature of both is the height of the mast (20 m). Relative scale compared with domestic dwellings nearby is therefore a potential/actual difficulty. We all use mobile communications, so to say simply ‘No thanks’ is not an option. 

PROPOSED BASE STATION INSTALLATION, Crow Rd (west side) Adjacent to bus stop at BP Garage/ Three Craws, Jordanhill, GLASGOW, G11 7DW.

Jordanhill Community Council has received notice of a second, proposed application for a telecom’s installation. The location proposed for the radio base station is a busy main road, but the installation will be visible throughout the area. For example, the height of the mast, 20 m compares with that of the residential building on the other side of Crow Rd (16.5 m). If you have any observations to make, please email your responses using our website, to [email protected], ideally by the end of April.

We are informed that there is a specific requirement for a new radio base station at this location to provide improved technical provisions (LTE), greater capacity and coverage in the area.

As for the Ryvra Rd proposal, there is probably no such thing as an ‘ideal’ site.

John Winfield (Secretary JCC) 


Jordanhill Community Council has received notice of the installation detailed above

Cornerstone and Telefónica are in the process of identifying a suitable site in the Ryvra Road/Anniesland Road area for a radio base station. The purpose of this message is to seek views from residents who will be most affected. Cornerstone and Telefónica are committed to consultation with communities on mobile telecommunications proposals. Please email your responses to [email protected] before Saturday 18th April 2020.

As part of Telefónica’s continued network improvement program, there is a specific requirement for a radio base station at this location to provide improved technical provisions (LTE), greater capacity and coverage in the area. Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other devices we rely on simply won’t work.

There is probably no such thing as an ‘ideal’ site but some of JCC’s initial thoughts are as follows:

1. The scale and visual aspect for residents living nearby should be protected.

2. In this case relevant scales to consider are, (i) pole height is 20 m max; (ii) height of street lighting is 10 m; height of the nearby Fire Station is 6.5 m; (iii) no information about heights of domestic dwellings in Ryvra Rd or the Anniesland shops has been given.

3. There will be Equipment Cabinets installed adjacent to the mast but no details have been given.

JCC welcomes any comments which could be added to those above. JCC will suggest alternative sites nearby eg both west and east on the south side of Anniesland Rd beside the playfields and further away from residential dwellings.

We must make our response to the Pre-Planning Application by 22nd April.

John Winfield (Secretary JCC)

Report on NW Locality Engagement Event 30/1/20

The synopsis report below has been prepared by one of JCC Community Councillors following the attendance at this health related event.

Around 30 people attended. There were 2 presentations the first presented by Dr Kerri Neylon, Clinical Director, NW Locality. The content was GP Services and Primary Care Implementation Plan Locality Priorities.

The salient points were that there are more than 50 GP practices and about 270,000 patients with more people registered than living in the area including many students. There is a mixture of affluent areas with great deprivation. 18 months ago GPs started a new contract. There are existing problems with recruitment and GPs and nurses retiring early. The aim is to provide an additional 450 expert medical generalist to provide support to patients and GPs to date 250 have been provided which include phlebotomists, pharmacist, nurses, mental health workers and physiotherapists. The 3 year aim is to increase multi-disciplinary team working. Enough of the staff needed, are not yet available or trained. GP time will be more focused on people who need to see a GP. Details of the numbers of staff in each category, and new programmes and duties are given in the handout.

The second presentation was given by Kirsty Orr, Planning Manager, Review of Out of Hours Services. A 2 year review of OOHs services across Health and Social Care was commissioned by the 6 HSCPs in Greater Glasgow and Clyde commenced in 2017. It was led by Glasgow CHCP and it produced 28 recommendations. In summer 2020 Glasgow City’s HSCP Urgent Care Resource Hub will be implemented first. A location has been identified and services will be relocated to one point of contact for Board-wide and local services. A diagram of how it will operate is given in the handout.

Dr Catherine Benton

3rd Feb 2020

Chair's Report AGM Oct 2019

Please click on link to access this report.

News as of Autumn 2019

A number of issues have been progressed by JCC during 2019 and these can be summarised as follows. Details of the issues will be found in the monthly minutes.

1. Scotstoun Stadium Capacity (although outside the JCC boundary).

2. Local Traffic Issues for Pedestrians, Cyclists, and car drivers.

3. Jordanhill Community Focus (possible Community Centre)

4. Local Bus Transport Changes and Objections

5. Jordanhill Park Cala Development

6. Obligatory Planning Reviews

JCC ask residents to comment on every issue that comes to mind and we will do our best to represent these into GCC. We can do this very effectively and have direct access to our local City Councillors and City Officials that residents are not easily able to do.

Victoria Park Area Partnership

Jordanhill district is located in the Victoria Park electoral ward along with Whiteinch and Thornwood. The Area Partnership is a Glasgow City Council (GCC) forum where the Community Councils and local City Councillors within each Ward come together every two month or so to discuss local issues and to hear presentations from the Police, Fire Brigade and relevant GCC department officials. One important role the Area Partnership has is to award grants to local groups to help fund schemes for local residents. 

If you wish to review the minutes of the Victoria Park Area Partnership please click on the link above under 'News and Surveys' and 'Local Links'.

Message from Police Scotland

The Jordanhill area still appears to be targeted by house breakers and other suspicious persons. We are asked by the local Police to be vigilant and to please report any suspicious events or persons using 101, or 999 telephone numbers. Even if it turns out subsequently to have been a false alarm. Our area is still the target for vandals and anti-social behaviour, particularly the Jordanhill Campus area. There should be extra Police activity in evidence over the coming weeks.

Police Warning

As some of you will know to your cost, there has been a spate of thefts from houses and garages in Jordanhill. Our Police Scotland contacts emphasise the need for vigilance in noting suspicious events and particularly for ensuring security of your premises. Thefts from garages are a particular issue. We are warned also about fraud involving bogus workers who quote for work to be done, accept payment then disappear. In some cases evidently ‘white vans’ have been implicated. Be on your guard! Jordanhill receives regular police patrols, although they cannot be everywhere all the time. Police Scotland emphasis the usefulness of 101 calls, despite scepticism from some residents.

MYGLASGOW  Is an app. that enables you to report issues to Glasgow City Council. E.G. Street lighting, fly tipping, parking, rubbish, roads and pavements, environmental problems. Jordanhill C.C. recommend residents use this app to report local problems. We have noted that this process does produce results.