Jordanhill Campus

27th. November 2017

Public Statement

8th.Nov. 2017

JCC Advisory Message

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Dear Local Resident

On behalf of Jordanhill Community Council please receive a letter with regard clarification of activities of a political nature. This has been issued on social media by the Campus Sub-Committee media team. This action has been necessitated due to the publishing of a General Election leaflet which may be seen to be associated with the Community Council. A meeting of the Sub-Committee shall take place at 7pm on Sunday 22 May 2017 in Woodend Bowling and Tennis Club to which all members of the Sub-Committee have been invited to attend. Joint dialogue between members of the Sub Committee was held this evening to agree the issue this Statement to the wider Community. The Community Council and Jordanhill Campus Sub Committee continue to seek cross party support for the local community and it's residents in achieving a satisfactory resolution to the current Campus situation and the ongoing Judicial Review Petition.


Secretary. John Grierson For and on behalf of Jordanhill Campus Sub Committee

Treasurers Account 2nd. May 2017

Jordanhill Community Council17 January at 07:38 · JORDANHILL CAMPUS SUB-COMMITTEE

Dear Community Resident, Jordanhill Community Council, at their meeting on 9th January 2017, ratified a motion to appoint a Jordanhill Campus Sub-Committee with a mandate to provide regular updates and recommendations to JCC on agreed actions. These actions relate to a number of areas of concern and material variation from the original University of Strathclyde Planning Permission In Principle relative to the current proposals for development of the Jordanhill Campus by Cala Homes (West) The areas currently being considered include the following:

1. A Community Value Proposition; Potential for Community Asset Transfer, Education Interface and Future Sports Pitches Management Plan).

2. Forthcoming Cala Homes (West) "Matters Specified in Conditions" Application; Representation Advice and Guidance. This is the imminent Application following on from the 2011 Planning Permission In Principle.

3. Reviewing Local Transport Strategies and Glasgow City Council Set "Mode Share" Performance Targets relative to the 2011 Planning Permission In Principle and the change in Local Transport during the ensuing period. The first meeting to structure and organise the Sub Committee took place at Woodend Bowling and Tennis Club on Sunday 15th January 2017 at 19:00hrs.

Work is already under way by the Sub Committee to consider and address the matters noted above and a number of additional areas of concern raised by local residents and stakeholder groups. The Sub-Committee includes representation from:

 Jordanhill Campus Residents’ Group, Tom HAMILTON, Gerry MATHER, Andrew SAUNDERS, & Euan MILLER.

This group was nominated from a mandated representative group voted for at the Jordanhill Community Residents Public Meeting of Sunday 8th January which was attended by over 350 local residents.  Jordanhill School & Jordanhill School Educational Amenities Trust, Dr. Paul THOMSON (Advisory),

Jordanhill Out of School Services; Anne DICK & Nicola CAMERON,

Victoria Park Residents’ Association’ – Kate STILL,  Friends of Victoria Park, - Nominations awaited,  Broomhill Community Council – Nominations awaited,  Claythorn Community Council, Pippa WATSON,  Jordanhill Community Council, Steven RETTIE & John GRIERSON,  Scotstoun Community Council, – Nominations awaited, and  Whiteinch Community Council, – Elizabeth BROWN & Colin McGEOCH.

Regular updates will be provided through the Jordanhill Community Council and Jordanhill Watch social media and website accounts and at key stages in the process further Public Meetings and/or email/leaflet campaigns will be undertaken to ensure consultation with the wider community. The Sub Committee can be contacted through the following email address and would welcome any input by members of the local community or stakeholders; [email protected] Steven Rettie and Mark Tungatt on behalf of Jordanill Campus Sub Committee1